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KVKK Policy

KVKK Policy
(Processing and Protection of Personal Data)

KARAMANCI TUR. TES. A.S.: Is owner and operator of the hotels: Melas Resort Hotel, Holiday Village, Hotel Melas Lara and Hotel Melas İstanbul. All four hotels shall be referred to as Melas Hotels instead of being mentioned separately.


This Policy aims to make regulations and determine, declare and announce the conditions which are required to comply with regarding the processing of personal data by Melas Hotels which arise from legal, commercial or financial relationship between Melas Hotels and its customers, personnel, natural or real persons with whom Melas Hotels communicates and interacts or are directly obtained, within the scope of the KVK Law No. 6698 and the KVK Policy.

Obligation of Information

Within the scope of KVKK (Law on Protection of Personal Data) No. 6698, which entered into force on 07.04.2016, the personal data processed during the relations of Melas Hotels with its customers, its employees, as well as the real or legal persons with whom it communicates and interacts, must be regulated on a legal basis due to the obligations and requirements stipulated by the legislation.

Melas Hotels pays utmost attention and care to the principles regarding personal data security and confidentiality of customers, personnel and relevant persons with whom Melas Hotels communicates and interacts. During the performance of the services, the personal data security of the relevant persons is prioritized.

All kinds of personal data (including sensitive personal data) that can be associated with a real person as per the provisions of the above-mentioned law are considered as personal data within the scope of KVK Law. These personal data are processed by Melas Hotels as Data Officer in the methods described below and within the limits ordered by legislation.

“Processing of Personal Data” refers to any operation performed on the data such as acquisition, recording, storage, preservation, modification, reorganization, disclosure, transfer, obtaining, making accessible or preventing them from using etc., by either fully or partially automated or non-automated means provided that they are part of any data recording system.

Purpose and Legal Basis of Processing Personal Data

Pursuant to the legislation, personal data may be obtained by automated or non-automated means, i.e. registration on the platform, telephone, fax, e-mail, sms and other social media channels, mobile applications, verbally or in writing, including sound and video recording, and stored at the electronic or physical environment by Melas Hotels.

Within the framework of article 5 of KVKK no. 6698, personal data are processed in accordance with following personal data processing requirements and purposes.

  1. Data owner’s explicit consent,

  2. If it is explicitly stipulated by laws,

  3. If it is compulsory for the protection of the life or physical integrity of the person or someone else who is unable to disclose his/her consent due to the actual impossibility or for whose consent no legal validity is granted,

  4. If the processing of personal data of the parties to the contract is necessary, provided that it is directly related to the establishment or performance of a contract entered into with Melas Hotels as a result of approval and/or signing,

  5. If it is necessary for Melas Hotels to fulfil its legal obligation,

  6. If it is publicly disclosed by the person concerned,

  7. If the data processing is obligatory for the establishment, use or protection of a right,

  8. If the data processing is compulsory for the legitimate interests of Melas Hotels, provided that it does not harm the fundamental rights and freedoms of the person concerned.

Within the framework of article 6 thereof,

  1. Data owner’s explicit consent,

  2. In other cases stipulated by law.

Sharing and Transferring Personal Data

Upon request by official institutions and organizations in cases where the legislation deems compulsory and as a requirement of the activities and responsibility of Melas Hotels, personal data of the person concerned may be shared and transferred to domestic / international solution partners with whom Melas Hotels has commercial, legal and economic relations, project partners, program and collaboration partners, supplier firms, companies and institutions, independent auditor organizations, banks and financial institutions, other firms who provide help and support, persons and institutions, lawyers, independent accountants, consulting firms such as legal, IT, quality and financial advisors, provided that necessary electronic and physical security measures are taken by Melas Hotels.

Melas Hotels may process, store and transfer personal data of the person concerned electronically in Turkey or foreign countries within the scope of insurance activities that are only related to providing electronic invoice service and to customers’ feedbacks, provided that the necessary security measures are taken.

Collection Method of Personal Data

Personal data of the person concerned which are obtained in verbal, in writing, video, sound recording or electronic media by contacting and communicating with the person concerned are collected either completely or partially as part of any data recording system and are kept by considering the period of limitation in accordance with the relevant legislation, by means of the methods such as all contracts/information forms and other documents signed with approval and/or acceptance, approvals, acceptance and notifications made by electronic approval and/or signature, administrative centre of Melas Hotels, physical environments, websites, mobile applications, internet transactions, social media and other public places, user interviews, screening of judicial records, market research, Identity Sharing System, SMS, digital applications made to websites, written/digital applications to sales teams, call centre etc.

Taking into account the personal data processing conditions specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698, personal data collected for the legal reasons mentioned above may be processed and transferred for the previously described purposes of this policy by Melas Hotels.

User Rights

(Pursuant to Article 11 of the KVK Law No. 6698)

According to the relevant law, the personal data owner, namely the person concerned has the following rights and other rights specified in the legislation. Information is shared through the following e-mail address of Melas Hotels.

1) To get information whether personal data is processed or not,

2) To request information if it has been processed,

3) To learn the purpose of processing your personal data and whether they are used properly,

4) To get information about the third persons in Turkey or abroad to whom the personal data is transferred,

5) To request correction of personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed,

6) To request the deletion, destruction or anonymization of your personal data if the reasons that require the processing of personal data disappear,

7) To request that any kind of transactionsin accordance with article (5) and (6) mentioned above are notified to the third persons to whom the personal data has been transferred,

8) To object to the occurrence of any negative result because of the fact that your processed personal data is exclusively analysed with automated systems,

9) To claim compensation if you suffer damage due to unlawful processing of your personal data.

Data Officer to Whom Can be appliedunder the Law

Melas Hotels Data Officer is the person/institution who/which is registered at the address www.kvkk.gov.tr in the VERBIS system.

Within the scope of his/her above-mentioned rights, the person concerned may send his/her requests, complaints and suggestions to the e-mail address of Melas Hotels mentioned below through personal application or via a notary or to e-mail address notified by the user during the opening of the account or e-mail address registered on its website.

It is obligatory to state name-surname, T.R. Identity no., registered residential address and registered business address for notification, mobile phone number, e-mail address, and the subject of the request in the application. Information and documents related to the request should also be attached to the application.

The official language in correspondence with Melas Hotels is Turkish. For this reason, it is essential to write and send all applications, correspondence, problems, complaints and suggestions in Turkish.

If the application is sent physically and in writing, it must be wet signed.

Responses for requests, problems, suggestions and complaints are not charged as a rule. However, if there is a cost, fee or other cost related to the answer to be given, Melas Hotels reserves the right to demand the fees within the scope of the KVVK Regulations or the tariff determined by other authorities.

For further information or your problems, demands, suggestions and complaints about KVK Policy; please submit your application to

For Melas Resort & Melas Holiday Village ; kvkkside@melashotels.com

For Melas Lara ; kvkklara@melashotels.com

For Melas İstanbul ; kvkkistanbul@melashotels.com

Our e-mail address registered in the VERBIS ; it@melashotels.com

Also, it is possible to obtain it from Melas Hotels within the scope of KVK Policy.

For your physical and written applications:

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Hello, if you want  detailed information or  you have suggestions (complaints) and recommendations, 

You van contact us on our Whatsapp numbers.

Melas İstanbul Hotel
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